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Why Join Us?

Top 3 Benefits for Joining Us:

  1. Access to Shared Industry Intelligence through Cannabis Connect™:
    • Tap into our market “grape-vine” or “G2”
    • Identify joint venture opportunities.
    • Make deals with VC’s and / or other strategic Value Chain partners.
    • Monitor ever-changing market conditions, price swings and other changes.
    • Take advantage of Cannabis Connect™ for launching and communicating sales campaigns or getting partner and customer feedback, first hand!
    • Build corporate reputation and product brands through forum discussions, surveys, joint ventures, clubs and many other ways.
    • Take a leadership role as a Founder to help us build our C+H Body of Knowledge.

  2. Build Industry Recognition around these 3 dimensions of strategic marketing concern:
    • Corporate Thought-Leadership
    • Corporate Visibility and Reputation
    • Product and Service Branding

  3. Grow your Career and Paycheck
    • Grow your own domain expertise by interacting with leaders and experts.
    • Build your personal brand in a seamless way as it goes hand-in-hand with building corporate reputation.
    • Shop your career value on the open market, painlessly.

Here are the other benefits that our Members love:

Professionals’ Networked Community Platform; Cannabis Connect™

Cannabis Connect™ is the leading Professionals’ Networked Community (PNC) platform for Cannabis and Hemp value chain organizations, the management and workforces which run them, their partners, suppliers and customers which support and interact with them.

Value Chain Standards Leadership

  • Leverage Value Chain Know-How, Strategies and Management Systems.
  • Take a leadership role in helping us to establish best practices and processes.
  • Build expert status with C+H work disciplines, standards and regulations.
  • Understand the importance of team culture and how Agile and Lean fit in.

Work Excellence

  • Get access to key business strategies, management systems and other value Chain Management educational content.


  • Form private groups and clubs
  • Leverage Cannabis Connect private messaging (Private Tier)
  • Form Cultivator, Processor or Seller Communities of Interest / Practice


  • Identify Value Chain Deals which Boost Corporate Profitability

Knowledge Base

  • Ask Questions, Get Expert Answers
  • Download Content
  • Answer Polls
  • Achieve Top Industry Recognition as a Founder, Partner or Sponsor
  • Participate in Multi-User Blogging to build awareness, market demand and corporate SEO linkages
  • Find strategic partners and M&A deal opportunities
  • Find workers for your value chain operation

C+H Body of Knowledge

We encourage knowledge aggregation and sharing. We hope that you can take a leadership role in this area by contributing to our C+H Body of Knowledge (C+H BoK) and the good practices and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which you would expect to find within a BoK .

Corporate Recognition X 3

Not only are our annual recurring subscription packages the most reasonable (in terms of cost of the subscription) over all other C+H standards bodies, but we are the only organization which focuses on the mission-critical aspects of Value Chain, Design Chain and Supply Chain. 

We also offer you a way to compound the power of one of our standards organizations X 3 because you can join one or all three (3) of our super-communities:

  • International Association
  • American Association
  • Canadian Association

We expect that other countries will come on-line with us as the industry grows and matures. Please contact our Support Desk if you want to help.

and the country and international levels are awesome. Here’s a rundown by Member Tier which are all designated for specific value chain business needs:

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