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Member Tiers

Our Professionals’ Networked Community (PNC) platform, Cannabis ConnectTM, is organized using five (5) levels, or tiers.

  1. Each Tier has a specific orientation and strength, as well as a set of unique functions and capabilities.
  2. As you progress from one Tier to another, you gain access to additional States (or Territories, Provinces and Countries) based on which Member organization you start with.
  3. Members can increase their level of involvement and collaboration as you move from the Public Tier to the Private Tier and up to the Founders’ Tier or beyond (Advertisers and Sponsors)

Level 1 – Public Tier

This Tier is where Members interact with each other in a Public Community. Discussions cover general Cannabis + Hemp (C+H) topics, and more recently, topics associated with herbal wellness, herbal apothecaries, herbs, etc. The Public Tier does NOT focus on any specific states, provinces, territories, or countries that are found in other tiers and sister organizations. This tier is also where prospective members can run a free trial and begin to lean about our community, knowledge management initiatives and Ducats & Alms game. This is the most affordable C+H (Cannabis + Hemp) discussion board in the industry and also the one that is technically more advanced.

Level 2 – Private Members’ Tier

This Tier is where C+H professionals can discuss Private Community topics that are of most importance to them. They can also collaborate to build or initiate a Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) group, a Special Interest Group (SIG) or a Club. These optional groups help Members to achieve an even greater private focus on a Value Chain Merger & Acquisition (M&A) topic or others such as a Community of Interest or a Community of Practice.

Level 3 – Founders’ Tier

The Founders’ Tier is for building / enhancing your Personal Brand and identity within industry.

Level 4 – Partners’ Tier

The Partners’ Tier is for advertising your Corporate Brand and identity within the C+H industry.

Level 5 – Sponsors’ Tier

The Founders’ Tier is for building industry recognition and support for your Corporate Brand and identity within the C+H industry.

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