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  • Who We Are and Our Mission


    Who Are We?

    We are a global industry “standards body” promoting best practices in the related and complementary industries of Cannabis + Hemp.
    We have three (3) primary organizations as follows:


    • International Association of Cannabis + Hemp Value Chains
    • The American Association of Cannabis + Hemp Value Chains
    • The Canadian Association of Cannabis + Hemp Value Chains


    What’s Our Mission?

    Our mission is to enable you to:

    1.) Capitalize on Shared Industry Intelligence (SII)

    2.) Build Your Corporate Brand in strategic value and visibility / global reach

    3.) Build your firm's Strategic Value through Merger & Acquisition (M&A) notoriety and thought-leadership

    4.) Help you optimize your company, your role and your business and technology  functions within the C+H (i.e. Cannabis and Hemp) Value Chain in which you work. This includes a range of businesses such as cultivating, researching, processing, marketing, selling or even using / consuming Cannabis and Hemp products and services. We serve all business entities from one end of the value chain to the other. This includes agriculture, manufacturing wellness, healthcare, pharmaceutical, biotech, banking, insurance, Medical Devices and many other product and service sectors.

    The C+H value chain spans functions and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) such as these:

    • Advanced Health Sciences functions including Laboratory / Test Steps and SOPs
    • Product and Service Design & Development Steps and SOPs
    • Indoor Cultivation Steps and SOPs
    • Outdoor Cultivation Steps and SOPs
    • Combined / Hybrid Indoor and Outdoor Cultivation Steps and SOPs
    • Extraction and Other Processing Steps and SOPs
    • Retail Dispensary Sales Steps and SOPs
    • Customer Experience Management Steps and SOPs
    • Value Chain Management and Enhancement Activities Steps and SOPs
    • Value Chain Analytical Data Collection and Presentation Steps and SOPs

    The workforce is larger than you may think in a C+H Value Chain.

    We support the work force; i.e. employees, contractors, and 3rd parties, who need to get the work done. 

    We also support management which needs to coordinate value chain operations (including product and service design, the supply chain configuration and other support needs) i.e. company partners. 

    Lastly, we support C-Suite Executives, Board of Directors, Shareholders and the Venture Capital Management firms that work collectively to choreograph the investment community, public and private funding and ultimately, the Merger & Acquisition (M&A) activities that fuel industry growth.

    Cannabis Connect

    Our Professionals ’ Networked Community (PNC) Platform; Cannabis Connect

    Our web service entitled, Cannabis Connect is the place to talk about real-world Cannabis + Hemp Value Chains…

    • Business Opportunities & Challenges
    • Business Deal Identification & Deal-Making
    • Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)
    • Getting Started and Q&A
    • Introduction of Enterprise-wide Systems
      • Governance Risk Compliance (GRC)
      • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 
      • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
      • Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)
      • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
      • Quality Management (QM)
      • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
    • Product and Process Design Management
    • Service and Process Design Management
    • Capacity Management, Plant Throughput and Theory of Constraints
    • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
    • Corrective Actions and Preventative Activities (CAPA)
    • Performance Measures and Metrics
    • Marketing and Sales Strategies 
    • Manufacturing Operations Strategies
    • Scientific Decision-Making Philosophy of Experimentation (Kata)
    • 5S Workplace Productivity
    • Continuous Improvement (Kaizen)
    • Engineering Operations Strategies
    • Security, Internal Audit, Anti-Fraud, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, etc.
    • Lean Six Sigma and Demand-Pull Methodologies, Techniques and Tools
    • Anything Else that You Need Answers For

    Cannabis Connect supports both public and private modes of communication. If you need a safe haven to conduct your private value chain activities in, no problem, we can be of help. Our platform is secure and safe. We ensure that our members can speak with others privately to share their feelings and business acumen. Ask questions, get answers.

    What are CHchains?

    CHchains.com and CHchains.org are the web domain locations for the International Association of Cannabis + Hemp Value Chains™ organization. We’re the global standards body which helps our Member firms and their employees to wring out the extra profitability, competitive advantage and strategic shareholder value that they need in order to achieve and sustain their Cannabis and Hemp (i.e. C+H) value chain and industry leadership.

    Who Do We Support and Where?

    We are a global organization which supports Cannabis + Hemp (C+H) value chain organizations in those countries around the world which:

    1. Have legalized Cannabis and Hemp as a medicinal or recreational product, or both.
    2. Have adequate law enforcement in place to ensure that laws are properly enforced.
    3. All C+H value chain activities are always conducted under the complete authority, understanding and licensing controls and approvals of the host countries in which the value chain participants operate, or compete.

    The International Association of Cannabis + Hemp Value Chains™ organization serves all countries. For any country which qualifies, we will help you to set up your own value chain organization and it we can map it into our global directory of countries. 

    If your C+H Value Chain functions and SOPs are carried out in the USA or Canada you will want to join the organization below which represents your respective country where you work or reside:

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