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Herbal Areas of Interest

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After running an authentic Colonial New England historic herb farm in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts for over 25 years, I have been interested in helping others get involved with our 1782Farm and Simples & Worts Herbal Apothecary and Wellness Gift Shop brands found at https://1782Farm.com.

Which of these categories do you have interest in?

Category #1 - Herbal health and wellness

Category #2 - Herbal Cultivation for food production

Category #3 - Herbal theme gardens

Category #4 - Culinary herbs and cooking

Category #5 - Herbal home decor and decoration

Category #6 - The history of herbs, historic uses, traditions, etc.

Category #7 - Herbal botanical art and illustrations

Category #8 - Herbal craft workshops

Category #9 - Digital herbal plant art collections and NFTs

Category #10 - Herbal focused travel / agritourism

Category #11 - Herbal designs on merch such as yoga outfits, water bottles, etc.

Category #12 - Herbal certifications; herbalism, PCQI, etc.

Category #13 - Herbal career guidance

Category #14 – Buying / running an Herbal Apothecary Franchise

Category #15 - Herbal other - Please tell me!


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