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ALERT: Top Risks That Your C+H Company Needs to Contend With for 2022!!!

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Our global trade associations help our Member firms with risk assessment and cyber industry benchmarking, along with advanced cybersecurity and Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) platform services, which address many of these top C+H corporate risks...

The risks that keep all of us, up at night...

1. Data privacy - 67%

2. Insider cybersecurity threats - 53%

3. Data theft - 44%

4. Ransomware attacks - 38%

5. Covid-19 - 31%

6. Third party risks - 23%

7. Regulatory compliance - 20%

8. Climate change - 8%

Let us know if you need courses, methodology guidance, tools, or technologies to address modern cybersecurity and GRC requirements. We're glad to help you!

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