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Is Your Fav Social Media Site Cutting It?

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We keep hearing that our Members' favorite social media sites are NOT effective at fostering  collaboration, let alone guiding good solid consumer, or business, discussions. Do you agree?

One case that has been brought to our attention, is Facebook. Many people who  made the mistake in associating the keyword, "cannabis", with their business are being castigated by Facebook. How you ask? The answer is that they're not allowed to post any ads, whatsoever! That's an outrage. Especially when the castigated individuals have no recourse to correct Facebook's false assumptions. So, in one case a business selling horticultural supplies such as grow tents, LED lights, plant nutrients, etc. was completely shut down by Facebook and Instagram. The business was not even allowed to file a complaint regarding their true business intent, which was all quite legal, or with the Facebook policy, Itself. There are thousands of people and businesses which have been derailed by this major mismanagement policy fuck-up! No wonder people want these 2 behemoths broken up.

YouTube might be another social media site which presents problems? But from what we can tell... they have a much better track record in correcting ad issues, than Facebook and Instagram. But, YouTube has been designed to present videos, not to foster discussion forums or aggregate C+H knowledge, per se. So what alternative social media sites are left?

The real question does not need to be focused solely at ad issues. It should focus on whether sites like LinkedIn or TicToc, or Twitter enable you to get involved, or start, a Special Interest Group (SIG) or a Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) group? They Don't. That's how the Global Associations of C+H Value Chain Organizations came about. We want to support consumer and business SIGs. We want to foster collaboration... not prevent it! 

Let us know how your favorite social media site is helping you, or your business, or hindering you?

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For many, many years Zuckerburg has held out his company as a model of transparency.

He also has been noteable for his apologies, upon apologies, for his company's failures.

Tonight we now learn through the New York Times, that there were concerns brought to the attention of Zuck by internal teams which were ignored.

This is a new story... Not the one brought by the whistleblower 2 weeks ago on the TV show; "60 Minutes".

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Octopot has also experienced many blocked opportunities by not being able to tap into the cannabis market in a way that we could if we weren't being constrained by the lack of some key social media sites.  It is psychologically difficult to have the products and services with the team/skills/talent/experience to be highly successful, and then be forced to miss the many opportunities associatrd with a plant that grows, naturally, in nature. 

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