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BreakPoint Strategic Value Assessment (SVA) Sponsorship Packages Announced!

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Our three Associations (International, Canadian and American) are announcing a new industry benchmarking Sponsored Service for C+H member firms. The Break-Point Software-as-Service (SaaS) offering is geared towards providing the Sponsor with a detailed assessment of a portion of their value chain. Then, the Sponsor can not only use the benchmarking system internally, but they can also sponsor an industry benchmarking system capability for peer companies, which allows the firm to share benchmarking measures, anonymously.

There are several BreakPoint Value Chain Management Sponsorship opportunities for each of these industry benchmarking areas for Cannabis and Hemp (C+H) member firms sharing a similar NAICS classification. They are as follows:

1. Value Chain Management End-To-End Benchmarking 

2. New Drug Discovery Benchmarking (Design Chain)

3. New CPG Product Introduction Benchmarking (Design Chain)

4.  Brand Visibility and Mindshare Benchmarking

5. Quality Management System (QMS) Benchmarking

6. ERP System Benchmarking

7. Supply Chain Benchmarking

8. Operational Risk Reporting and Loss Management Benchmarking

9. Indoor / Outdoor Cultivation Benchmarking

10. Internal / External Audit Benchmarking

11. Other Benchmarking Areas are under consideration

The reason why competitors want to benchmark against their peers is simple... it allows the employees and shareholders and executive management to self-assess their enterprise performance by using "Peer Average" and "Best-in-Class" (BIC) datapoints for any Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) which the Sponsor or Sponsors would like to benchmark against. This is the proven and safe way to drive significant shareholder value by implementing proven processes, practices, Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), Key Risk Indicators (KRI's) and a whole lot more!

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