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Make sure to stop here, first, to introduce yourself. Here's some basic information that we'd love to know.

Please note that if you would prefer to remain anonymous due to sensitive or privacy concerns, then feel free to share what makes sense under your pseudonym. Or, skip this suggested step, altogether.

Here's the opportunity to "crow" about your Corporate Brand and especially about your Personal Brand!

What's your nick name?

What the largest city near where you live and work?

What is your company's name?

What is your core function, role, department, etc.?

How long have you worked in the industry? Job?

Core work-related passion?

Core personal passion?

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OctoChris, OctoHolly, OctoKaley & OctoBob - We do everything as a team! 

Michigan: Kalamazoo (46 miles), Lansing(118 miles) & Detroit (182 miles)

Octopot LLC

OctoChris is the inventory, owner and a true inspiration to our OctoFam

OctoHolly oversees Operations

OctoKaley oversees Marketing/Media

OctoBob oversees Sustainability

Octopot was created and patented in 2012.  Even though the original Octopot was designed as a patio garden solution, it was quickly determined that Cannabis LOVES our Octopot grow systems!  It was the amazing customer results of cannabis growth in our Octopots Hybrid Grow Systems that launched an Octopot presences into 42 countries around the world. With laws continuing to change around the legalization of Marijuana inside of the USA, we are always focused on how changes can impact our customer needs. 

As a group (work passion) - Self Sustainability - growing clean food and medicinal herbs. 

As a group  (personal passion) - Aging Gracefully at each stage of life that we are walking today.  Each of our team members have a unique story that blends our strengths to support our passion driven journey. 


70877 Sunset Blvd
Union, MI 49130
United States
855-628-6768  |  Octopot.com
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