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SPIN Farming with the Addition of the Octopot!

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A Fabulous Duo!

You may have heard about the movement taking place across North America, where individuals are following the SPIN Farming methodology where the SPIN acronym stands for Small Plot Intensive. It's a great set of best practices for organic market gardening using front lawns, side lawns and other sources of good quality soil. More recently, people are adding acquaponics. This is where plants are grown hydroponicly and fish are added to create a sustaining cycle of production. Now SPIN farmers should consider the use of the Octopots to grow high value crops like tomatoes, and the raising of a fish crop such as Talapia.

We have spoken with several people who are using soil-based fresh vegetable production and they indicated that the addition of Octopots grow Methodology, Tools and their new Octopot grower experience was very complementary to their SPIN market gardening orientation. Perhaps C+H growing, might also be an added plus? As long as state rules permit it.


Octopot’s Hybrid design is great for Aquaponics.  Using Octopots for Aquaponics is similar to the way the Octopot Auto Fill System works except that aquaponics is a circulatory system.  Simply connect any number of Octopot Hydro Reservoirs to the plumbing between the outflow of the water filters and the fish tank. 

The hybrid nature of the Octopot design requires no re-circulation like other hydroponic systems.  The quality of crops grown in an Octopot Grow System compared to the Octopot Grow System used with additional re-circulation shows no benefit.   Octopots are superior to recirculating systems, DWC hydroponics and Ebb and Flow growing systems because Octopots are easier to use, waste nothing, use less inputs and require no power to operate. 

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