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Comparing Canadian LP's vs. USA's MSO's

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We're been assessing Canadian LP's (i.e. Licensed Providers) versus United States-based MSO's (i.e. Multi-state Operators). We want to clue you in on some of the top highlights which we dug up. Our findings concern the viewpoints from an investor's, shareholder's or an employee's perspective. 

1.) Four of the top Canadian LP's trade at the sky-high average multiple of 18 X projected sales, whereas top USA MSO's are around a 7 X multiple.

2.) Trulieve in the USA is a darling of our C+H Members and Founders. This powerhouse MSO is valued at 14 X projected earnings before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization. Yet, Canadian-based Tilray garners an astounding 196 X!

What gives? Sounds crazy!

But the answer revolves around the USA's 4 Cannabis legalization bills which spell the mission-critical difference. There is a lot to be learned from the fact that institutions can't invest in USA MSO's if they're directly involved in a Cannabis business. 

Note:For those Association Members who would like to participate, we are launching our C+H stock and options club which will require a Tier 2 subscription. 

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