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Guest Brian T

What tools or technology for your greenhouse or indoor grow?

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Guest Brian T

We are very interested in testing out either a new grow Method, or a new greenhouse Control System.

Can you help us, by offering some sage advice?


Brian T.

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If your organization is currently growing with a soil, or soiless, media such as coir or Groden Grow-blocks... you may want to look at taking a next step to a more efficient, and less costly grow method.

By making a conscious decision to test a new and more advanced growing method... you advance your firm's capabilities, in a big way.

For instance, by moving into an exploratory phase, you can get significant returns in building tacit knowledge and collective knowhow.

One possibility is to test out a passive hydroponic system, such as the 72 pod configuration from Octopots. This solution is ideal for those growers and farmers who have no prior hydroponic experience. You might find that your team get's hooked, after onlt 2 weeks, like our team did!


Another alternative is to check out Grow Generation's hydroponic systems which are now so popular cross-country.


Another third alternative would be to explore aeroponic systems. This route could save your operation significant time and money, especially if you can jump from a soil or soiless growing method...  and going right over to an aeroponics grow technology such as Multiponic.com. That would allow your company to bypass hydroponic systems, altogether, and save BIG-Time!

Please share your thoughts and ideas.

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