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Model Portfolio of C+H Value Chain Solution Providers

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This discussion thread focuses on the wide-ranging topology of our C+H value chain management software and service providers which supply the enterprise integration infrastructure for the progressive company interested in automating all aspects of their operations.

Primary functions include, but are not limited to, the following areas:

- Pharmaceutical Engineering / New Drug Introduction
- Chemical compound and molecular "design chain" knowledge management 
- Intellectual Property (IP) creation and protection via patents (e.g. C+H edible recipes)
Cultivation (e.g. Indoor growers, outdoor growers, micro-cultivators, soil cultivation, hydroponics, aeroponics, multi-ponics, etc.)
- Quality Management System (QMS) Controls, quality statistics and Laboratory Information Systems (LIMS) data tracking
- Manufacturing & Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) processing (e.g. edibles and beverage process manufacturing, discrete CPG manufacturing, etc.)
- Distributors and wholesale e-commerce transaction management
- Retailers and e-commerce transaction management
- Regulatory tracking and compliance assessment / industry standards best practices
- Industry benchmarking analytics & product sales data tracking
- On-going Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) best practices and performance tracking
- Banking and financial services
- Insurance and re-insurance services
- Legal Services
- Capital Management and Investor Services

- Note: Please reference our Value Chain Management industry standards to add additional functions such as...

- Business process management
- Business rule management
- Requirements management
- Security management
- Alternative currency management and distributed (blockchain-enabled) general ledger technologies
- Others

In this thread, we'll be featuring major C+H solutions.  These companies will further your understanding of just how significant your overall value chain is, when it comes to delivering strategic value for your shareholders and generating "the surprise and delight" needed across the broad C+H adult recreation and medicinal "customer experience" continuums!

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Quality Management System (QMS) Controls, including quality statistics and Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) data tracking:

Firm Name: Isolocity.com

Company Overview: 

Isolocity’s end-to-end quality compliance software holistically integrates over a decade of experience using quality principles from internationally recognized standards such as ISO 9001:2015, GMP, and more. It harnesses the power of automation to reduce work and resources needed by up to 50%. Its secure cloud technology allows users to implement and comply with complex quality control measures – from anywhere.

Isolocity addresses quality management functions which span these value chain activities:

1.) Inventory management

2.) Internal audit reporting and internal controls self-assessments

3.) Plant /part inspection and statistical process control

4.) Corrective Actions and Preventative Actions (CAPA)

5.) Document management

6.) Supply chain management

7.) Risk management

8.) Regulatory compliance education and training

9.) Specification management

10.) Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) integration


Note that Isolocity also addresses these two best practice methodologies...

HACCP - Hazard and Critical Control Point analysis

PFMEA - Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis


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