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We have received several requests from our farmer community members who want to discuss specific approaches to farming and the subset known as "market gardening".

One topic that is very popular is the area of "SPIN Farming". SPIN stands for Small Plot INtensive. SPIN Farming is a proprietary, packaged market gardening methodology which addresses farm operations profitability based on a fresh approach which has taken hold of small farmer start-ups across North America and other countries. The methodology spans planning, management, closed-loop thinking, marketing and sales. The IP owners are Wally Satzewich and Gail Vandersteen who operate Wally’s Market Garden which is a multi-locational sub-acre urban farm. It was originally dispersed over 25 residential backyard garden plots in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Roxanne Christensen co-founded Somerton Tanks Farm, a half acre demonstration urban farm that served as the U.S. test bed for the SPIN-Farming method from 2003 to 2006. The farm, which was operated in partnership with the Philadelphia Water Department, received the support of the Pennsylvania Dept. Of Agriculture, the Philadelphia Workforce Development Corp., the City Commerce Department, the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and the Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development.

Another major well-defined methodology / strategy is "Square Foot Gardening". Mel Bartholemew is the IP Owner. Mel has done a great job with his unique approach to managing a market garden based on each and every square foot of cultivation. Once you have tried it, you'll become a convert!

A third is "Holistic Farm Management". This is a combination of decision-making methodologies which span farming and ranching operations. The strategy is to ensure fully optimized and closed-loop planning which is the reason it is so popular around the world.

A fourth strategy is very new and is getting a lot of attention, here on Cannabis Connect. This is "The Schwazze Method" of optimizing a Cannabis crop. Schwazze™ (Pronounced SHHwahZZ) has been developed by Medicine Man Technologies, now rebranded as "Schwazze". As a verb, Schwazze is a cultivation technique that prunes a living organism to create more growth. The Cannabis plants are trimmed of all fan leaves in the final stages of their life cycle to allow sun and nutrients to provide a growth spurt for the cola buds which are developing along the center stems and side branches. At first, you think, "what a waste of chlorophyll production, but once you know more, you learn that this technique is a real game changer for optimizing output!

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We are also considering adding a User Group for MJ Freeway Users and Octopot Users. Let us know your thoughts.

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