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Intro To Serious Gardening

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Our wellness community is introducing a new wellness strategy ( and curricula) to help our members explore "serious gardening" content as an adjunct to a broader wellness lifestyle. This may sound strange, so keep reading, to understand why the 3 serious gardening methodologies which we promote are ideal for...

1. Feeding family, friends and neighbors efficiently and consistently

2. For the fun, exercise and collaborative opportunities

3. Exploring the more in-depth topics associated with soil nutrition, human body nutrition, plant power for wellness, etc. Here's the overview:

We have been following the best of the best methods, tools and training approaches known in North America since the 70's and 80's for serious backyard gardeners, homesteaders and entry farmers.

These "solution sets" are also known as 'packaged methodologies'. We will be featuring the top 3 of them in this herbal apothecary and wellness community in the Spring of 2020. We will also be introducing a major threaded discussion forum re:the "Plant Power" in early Summer, 2020.

The 3 serious gardening packaged methodologies that we are announcing today are as follows:

  1. I. Square Foot Gardening
  2. II. SPIN Farming
  3. III. Holistic Management (aka regenerative agriculture)


We will be introducing these methods, the tools and the training so that our members can leverage our farm's experiences. We want to help our herbal apothecary and wellness members dissect these programs and self-assess your own circumstances and determine which might be best for you. You may even find that you will want to leverages concepts from all of them.

We will cover the above 3 methodologies in the order shown. We are planning on also adding additional packaged methodologies going forward for wellness, homesteading, ranching, etc..


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