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A Welcome Note From Our Management

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Welcome to CANNABIS CONNECT, Guests!

Please take a moment to read this.

Hello Guests, We Welcome you to our
Cannabis + Hemp
Value Chains Organization!


The name of our Professionals’ Networked Community (PNC) platform is Cannabis Connect. Our formal organizational names are as follows:

1.    International Association of Cannabis and Hemp Value Chain Organizations

Our other sister organizations are entitled as follows:

2.    American Association of Cannabis and Hemp Value Chain Organizations

3.    Canadian Association of Cannabis and Hemp Value Chain Organizations

No matter whether your business is Cultivating, Processing, Manufacturing, Selling or any other value-adding company across our Cannabis and Hemp Value Chain… we want to welcome you.

We pride ourselves on providing our members with both a friendly and highly-strategic Cannabis and Hemp (i.e. C+H) Value Chain community experience. C+H is our organizations’ symbol of solidarity between Cannabis and Hemp-related businesses and a visual logo element to rally around.

We’re excited as our community is now the dominant go-to website, globally, in the Cannabis and Hemp market used for:

1.)   Building corporate visibility

2.)   Building product / service brand visibility

3.)   Deal Identification (Value Chain, Design Chain, Supply Chain, etc.)

4.)   Deal-Nurturing & Execution

5.)   Value Chain Analytics

6.)   Q&A Knowledge Base


Member Tiers & Opportunities

Each Member Tier provides specific features, functions and bottom-line Member benefits.

  1. Sponsor Tier - Build your corporate visibility, thought-leadership and branding, big-time!
  2. Partner Tier - If your company wants to advertise on our site then this tier is for you.
  3. Founder Tier - Founders get to guide the strategic direction of our standards body.
  4. Private Members Tier - Our Private Members represent th core  of C+H Value Chain community and they represent the professionals; Cultivators, Processors, Sellers, Regulators, Venture Capital market analysts and a lot more Cannabis + Hemp specialty suppliers, design chain and supply chain professionals!
  5. Public & Guests Tier - This Tier is the All-Members Tier which features the most vibrant community discussions along with the highly-popular Q&A repository.

Bottom-Line Benefits

Here are a few advantages of becoming a registered, paid Member:

  • You can take part in the founding and development of Cannabis Connect
  • Establish Value Chain inquiries, product and service opportunities to explore, partner deals, etc.
  • Ask questions, get expert answers
  • Join discussion threads, suggest new threads
  • Get noticed by prospective strategic partners
  • Increase corporate name and brand recognition
  • Get on the radar of Venture Capital execs
  • Receive constructive and encouraging comments on new products, services, partners
  • Participate in surveys and receive valuable survey results from customers
  • Become a Founder, Partner or Sponsor for additional visibility
  • So much more!

Our Mission is pretty simple;

We help our Members to create Strategic Shareholder Value within the “four walls” of their businesses as well as, externally, across the entire value chain. We accomplish our mission in order to help the Member to improve the core businesses; operationally and financially.

We also help Members to build value outside the four walls of their enterprise. In this realm, the Member optimizes the handoffs and logistics of physical goods and digital information between their value chain partners.

We also help Members to optimize the Value Chain to improve product quality, internal controls, policy, practices and processes.

Lastly, we help Members to explore, identify, pursue / nurture and execute Value Chain, Design Chain and Supply Chain deals as long as they make good business sense from the customers’ perspective as well as from the business owners’ perspectives.

The Bottom Line

The Bottom Line is that whenever and wherever we optimize the links within our Value Chain (i.e. business functions) we create strategic value. This concept (and business opportunity) holds true for the key C+H constituencies; i.e. Cultivators, Processors and Sellers / Dispensaries, etc.

Each value chain organization is different and unique, but when they come together in optimal ways, then Value Chain magic can happen!

That’s why we place a great deal of effort in making our company highly visible, to build industry thought-leadership and to find and execute on Value Chain deal-making opportunities.

We look forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas on how best to build our community.

The Management

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