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3 Sister Organizations and Access Breadth



SII BLOG = Shared Industry Intelligence

Our three (3) sister organizations radically increase the "reach" across US states, Canadian Provinces and international countries, that you can achieve for your 2 most important assets.

The first asset that we're referring to is your Corporate Brand. The second is your Personal Brand. It's mission-critical to be thinking of both brand realms when you assess how Cannabis Connect can help you drive both, optimally. Let's look at some of the brand-oriented practices that will help you achieve much greater brand recognition than you are presently achieving, without Cannabis Connect. We will start from the top and work our way downward over several BLOG entries.

First, you need to determine which of our three sister organizations makes best sense for you.?

  1. The American Association of Cannabis + Hemp Value Chain Organizations
  2. The Canadian Association of Cannabis + Hemp Value Chain Organizations
  3. The International Association of Cannabis + Hemp Value Chain Organizations

Let's say that you're a Canadian. Do you need to participate in threaded discussion forums which pertain just to Ontario? Or, do you want to access threaded discussions across all of Canada? Our annual recurring subscription allow you to tailor your access breadth to the number of Canadian provinces that are of importance to you for a very reasonable cost.

If you need access to 1 Canadian province and 2 US states, you can achieve that, too, in the least expensive way that meets the reach that your brand needs. You can be a Member of the American and rhe Canadian organizations and you can add other countries as needed within the International organizations.

If you look at our five (5) Member Tiers, any of the 3 sister organizations... you will see that they are set up in a way that compounds both your corporate AND personal brands. That's what Cannabis Connect is all about;

  • Compounding the value of your corporate brand (i.e. corporate brand visibility and recognition)
  • Compounding the value of your personal brand (be known as an industry expert, achieve much greater visibility by supporting Value Chain Management best practices).
  • Building a private or public group, club, Special Interest Group (SIG), Birds-of-a-feather (BOF) community that helps you to connect with other value chain partners, suppliers, customers, etc. You can run your own community on Cannabis Connect.

Tier 1 is our Guest and Trial Tier which allows prospective members to build some foundational context. If your business needs feedback from the general public, then Tier 1 is where to invest your time with surveys and other market research, open discussions, product and service requirements, etc.

In a future BLOG we'll look at Tier 2; the Private tier. The Private Tier is ideal for Business-to-Business (B2B) interactions regarding Merger & Acquisition (M&A), Value Chain Management, organizing your own private Value Chain Management organization that allows you to highlight your brand by hooking up with your design chain and supply chain partners to achieve  greater productivity and business efficiencies such as these "4 C Controls":

1.) Communication

2.) Control

3.) Coordination

4.) Collaboration

3 Org Layout.PNG


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