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The Power of Shared Industry Intelligence (SII)



We welcome our Members, friends, colleagues, partners and sponsors as well as, YOU, who may be interested in joining us!

Our Global Member Support Team is championing our Cannabis Connect Shared Industry Intelligence (SII) BLOG. We are representing American and North American viewpoints. We will be adding additional Founders from Canada and other countries who can represent all country viewpoints across the spectrum of Cannabis + Hemp value chains which stretch, quite literally, around the world!

Let us know if you'd like to become a founder. Once you have joined as a Founder we will send you our Cannabis + Hemp (C+H) Logo for the American, Canadian or International organization that you are a part of. All Members will also have access to our Value Chain Management educational content, Knowledge Management repositories and surveys.

 If you would like to provide BLOG or other digital content, please let us know, because our Member cohorts make up many constituencies. We want to make sure that we can all share BLOG content and express industry views, here, as a primary benefit of being a Member and a driving force behind our Member Mission, i.e. "Shared Industry Intelligence".

The Name of our BLOG comes from these three aspects:

  • Cannabis Connect is our platform which enables our Professionals' Networked Community.
  • SII = Shared Industry Intelligence
  • BLOG = Member views, guidance and content which encapsulates "insider knowledge".

Because we focus on Value Chain Management practices and processes across Cannabis and Hemp organizations, we are naturally the ideal place to discuss Merger & Acquisition (M&A) news and industry events. Our Private Member Tier and our Founder Tier are where these M&A conversations take place. But more about that in a forthcoming BLOG. 

The bottom line: the value of our global organization is directly tied to the level of Shared Industry Intelligence (SII) so we encourage everyone to contribute, not once in a while, but actively and passionately. That's how we can help all of our Members to drive and mold the standards that guide our businesses toward Value Chain Gold which are, in essence, business profitability, work excellence and ecstatic customer experiences. 


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