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Value Chain Management (VCM) Charter and Roadmap



If your team is interested in building a corporate charter for pursuing Value Chain Management (VCM) open standards, best practices and processes, then you have come to the right place! 

We use the VCM charter to address Phase 1 shown in the first diagram below. That's where a Value Chain Management charter team moves their company from an "Unconscious Incompetent state" to a "Conscious Incompetent state". In other words, the VCM charter consists of a mandate by corporate executives as Sponsors who understand why Value Chain Management open standards, best practices and processes all contribute towards the creation of significant Strategic Shareholder Value in order to generate 1.) a "burning platform for business change" so that the company can 2.) build a sustainable competitive advantage while 3.) generating above average operational performance and financial returns.

Next, the VCM Charter document is produced and it may include a rudimentary GAP Assessment.

The VCM Charter is then used to sell the need to conduct a VCM Strategic Value Assessment (SVA). The SVA will inform the company on the level of hard and soft benefits to anticipate when one or more VCM projects are completed. 

We can help you to get through these stages quickly and help you to target those areas of VCM which will help you the most!


Awareness Chart.PNG

VCM Roadmap Alternatives Picture.PNG


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