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Speak Up for Speeding US Federal Action!!!



Our American members continue to wait for action at the federal level regarding what feels like imminent regulatory reform which is slated for the C+H industries. But, the word "imminent" may be a false hope. How long must we all wait for the US Government to respond to Supreme Court Justice Thomas who recently indicated that the current situation where Cannabis is illegal at the Federal level but not at the state level if a US state or territory has made a move to legalize medicinal and adult recreational uses of C+H products and medicines. This also includes US policy regarding psychedelic compounds (both organic and shythesized drugs) which are used for a number of new medicinal uses and research needs. 

In essence, to create a compelling C+H industry force... we must speak out! We must also visit and write our senate and congressional reps.

Our members need to be asking the present administration for a much more definitive timeline as to what their regulatory roadmap consists of, and when each program component will be enacted?

So, instead of waiting, we need to be highly proactive and highly vocal in our support of getting movement and progress, NOW, not in 2022.

We need to make known that our C+H Member firms' urgency is based on the USA being able to benefit from massive job creation and tax revenue base which may dwarf many other competitive programs in terms of employment and tax revenue implications.

The C+H industries are too important in job creation and tax revenue return for not only the USA, but for many other countries as well, but we need to express our C+H regulatory and other requirements and our need to champion action for the benefit of each US state or territory which is being impacted by no federal action.

We want to get your help in pushing this issue in your state and at the federal level.




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