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"Merging two or more organizations is a complex transaction filled with risk", says Protiviti's Merger & Acqusition (M&A) practice. "The best deals deals follow a structured and disciplined approach with clear strategic objectives, comprehensive due diligence, detailed integration plans, and a focus on creating and capturing value. Although such planned approaches may sound simple, history shows many failed M&A attempts that have resulted in significant impacts to shareholder value."

We have had several discussions with founding members and we have the belief that our Knowledge Management (KM) repository for Level 2 Private Members which can help C+H value chain organizations to approach M&A wisely and with enough caution to ensure that the venture well founded. This unique database is structured around Protiviti's M&A methodology. We look forward to fleshing this resource out with the help of Level 2 Members and above.

In essence, mergers and acquisitions are some of the most powerful and versatile growth tools employed by companies of all sizes and in all industries. A well-timed and well-managed purchase or merger can boost both the short-term and well as the long-term outlook for many organizations. There are many risks that can cause significant loss of shareholder value if  a transaction is not conceived and executed carefully and strategically. We look forward to getting your guidance and inputs in our KM repository for M&A best practices!


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