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Featuring Tier 2 Members; The B2B Private Communities



Our Private Tier 2 for our core Business-To-Business (B2B) members is analogous to what business re-engineers call a "breakpoint" which is where business takes on a whole new level of potential. I personally think that it's akin to a supersonic jet breaking the sound barrier!

If you own a Cannabis + Hemp (C+H) business, work for one, partner with one, or want to join the workforce for one... then the Private Member Tier is for you. That's because the Private Tier is where 95% of all C+H value chain deals get identified or executed. This Tier significantly ups the level of shared industry intelligence over the Public Tier as our community is made up of C+H professionals.

This Member Tier features private communications capability which is extremely popular because prospective C+H Value Chain partners want to work deals privately until they're firmed up legally or with a memorandum of understanding.

So if you want to find strategic partners, investors, merger and acquisition opportunities or get answers to your questions from industry peers, then this is the Membership for you.


  • All features, functions, permissions and benefits that are available to the ‘Private Basic Member’
  • Access and participate in 2 Private US State communities
  • Create and manage Polls
  • Exercise limited moderator permissioning to help organize and tend the community’s grounds
  • “Remove SPAM” / Hide spam content
  • Move content such as topics and ideas to their correct Forum or Sub-Forum

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It's also important to point out that Tier 2 Members can initiate a large variety of B2B and Business-To-Consumer (B2C) projects and programs. Running closed consumer meetings and product assessment discussion are ideal ways to lead your competition.

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