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Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Pavilions



Hello Members and Prospective Members,
We are now building out fully functional portal environments for our Sponsors, Partners, Consultancies, Educators and a broad range of Special Interest Groups (SIGs), Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) virtual meet-ups and physical face-to-face meetings. There are also requests for Executive Think Tank portals, Industry Cluster communities of interest / practice (vertically-segmented industry trade groups and as well as our Merger & Acquisition (M&A) Pavilions which are now taking off in our Tier 2 Private Communities and above levels for our Founding teams, Partner Portal Teams and Sponsor Teams.

Let us know if you'd like to start up your branded M&A portal environment with these primary features and functions that your team(s) can leverage:

Here’s the primary features and functions that we deliver today:


  • Manage Multiple Threaded Discussions (across a range of Topics of Discussion which you manage and control)
  • Images (Ensure that your M&A Pavilion can fully leverage your rich media in photos, videos, etc.)
  • BLOG
  • Community Calendar
  • Assets (files that all your M&A community ecosystem members need access to)
  • Edit Club Settings
  • Invite Members, Partners, Customers, Employees

The bottom line is that you can get our Partner Support Team's help and guidance on establishing your firm's corporate brand and M&A Pavilion. This portal environment pairs well with Cannabis Connect advertising and sponsorship add-ons which make sense for your marketing and advertising budgets.



Here's an example of a Partner Pavilion that is planned for M&A partner activities:


BWF Club Home Page.PNG


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