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It is often helpful to remember how we classify plants so that we understand the hierarchy of classifications as well as the terms that support them. Consider the following info as a brief reference:
PLANT FAMILY: Cannabaceae
GENUS: Cannabis
SPECIES: Cannabis Sativa L.
SUB-SPECIES: C.sativa, C.indica, C.ruderalis (Hardy, hemp-like varietal)
Harvested or Manufactured Products:
1. Fruit; Terpenes & Terpenoids (see Herbal Distillates below)
2. Flowers
3. Pollen
4. Seed
5. Clones 
6. Plant Fiber
7. Herbal Distillates (Extracted waters and oils)
          Terpenes & Terpenoids
          Sub-products: Hashish, Bhang
8. Landrace Genetics; New breeds and strains.
Notes: A first-generation cross between two parents of different strains is known as an F1 or a filial 1 hybrid which is not stable, nor uniform.
9. Active Ingredients / Psycho-actives; THC, THC-1, TNC, TNC-1



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