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Hi! My Name is Digby!



Hi, my name is Digby. I am an Eastern Lowland Gorilla (Gorilla Beringei) and I am a lot older than I look. I am working hard to become a top artisan Cannabis grower by perfecting my processes and practices. I have had some good success, when I started out and I was happy as I had not taken any grow courses. But, I also had some "hard knocks" such as over-watering,  not providing adequate lighting, not keeping records and a bunch of other things. I realize, now, that I need to dissect my methods and figure out how to ensure that my grow op is a lot more profitable and sustainable. That will help me to reduce risks and losses. But, like I always say to my friends, it's a journey and that's a big part of the challenge and the fun. My key tip is to take things slow and to keep your grow op small so you don't get ahead of yourself. And, don't be afraid to make mistakes when you're just getting started. The bottom line is to have fun and to leverage the art of Kaizen... i.e. small, incremental improvements. This strategy really pays off when it comes to building a progressive artisanal Cannabis grow operation like mine.
By the way, I am a fervent "Green" advocate and hope that you are too. For instance, I am now getting much more attuned to IPM (Integrated Pest Management) as well as more knowledgeable on how to keep electrical costs in check with LED lighting.
I look forward to speaking / meeting you and hope that you subscribe to my Blog. I also want to encourage you to become a Member of Cannabis Connect and the new Plant Power forum. We also need your participation, input and feedback as we are interested in championing a bunch of Communities-of-Practice (COP's) and Communities-of-Interest (COI's).
Until later... Chow!

Digby with joint.PNG


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