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The Corona Virus Pandemic has the world turned upside down. Our mission here at Cannabis Connect is to help with the enhancement of 4 mission-critical areas of value chain partner (i.e. Business-To-Business or B2B) interaction:

B2B Value Chain Enhancement Objectives

I. Communication

II. Coordination

III. Controls (i.e. internal controls and management systems)

IV. Collaboration (i.e. at the project, program and M&A levels)

We call these the 4 C's.

Value Chain Security & GRC

When we normally think about Value Chain Security, we are usually focused on the BIG 3 areas of concern:

1.) Cybersecurity / cyberfraud

2.) Theft

3.) Fraud

We now need to add a fourth for the major health issue which takes such a toll on our workforce that our Cannabis and Hemp (C+H) value chains start to faulter or even crumble.

4.) Public health-related catastrophy

But there is also a fifth category for GRC.

5.) Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) Oversight

Let us know if we can help your firm accelerate the adoption of the 4 C's, Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) or other security-related practices and processes.



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