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Our Launch Announcement

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We have recently launched our 3 sister organizations. We invite you to join us!

  1. American Association of C+H (Cannabis and Hemp) Value Chain Organizations
  2. Canadian Association of C+H (Cannabis and Hemp) Value Chain Organizations

        International Association of C+H (Cannabis and Hemp) Value Chain Organizations

Subscribe Today!

You can get involved, and test us out, for FREE as a "Guest" for a 3-day Cannabis Connect trial.

Then, you can join our global Public organization for as little as a dollar a month (i.e. we charge only $11.95 for a 12 month Tier 1 subscription.

This is the cheapest trade organization subscription in the industries of Cannabis and Hemp (C+H) No kidding!

Collaborate Across States, Provinces, Territories and Countries!

You can customize the reach of your Membership based on where you live or work. For instance, you may live in Colorado (your primary state) and you can add on other states or countries based on your interests or business needs. All for an ultra-low subscription.

We'd also like C+H professionals' to consider helping us and yourselves by becoming a Founding Member. That's the subscription level where you receive the highest level of support for your professional and corporate brands.


What We Do on Cannabis Connect

Our global members interact with each other, and together, they build private and public communities of interest or practice.  

The communities, in turn, discuss leading-edge business, product, supplier, customer and a huge number of other subjects including many special interest topics, on legal Cannabis and Hemp activities. 

One of the core topics, which we are all learning about, is the use of Value Chain Management (VCM) processes and practices create incredible shareholder value.

Value Chain Management "open standards" drive our trade organization's primary raison d'etre

Your firm's Value Chains drive our C+H industries!


The goal is to optimize operations and maximize net revenue while surprising, and delighting, the end customer with outstanding Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and services.

Customers may be a part of the medical , or medicinal, C+H market. Or, they may be solely interested in legal, adult-use recreational products.

If you're searching for a career, then consider joining us so that you can meet the "movers and shakers" in the C+H industries!


Why Cannabis Connect?

Cannabis Connect is our unique web platform for allowing our Members, globally, to Collaborate virtually as well as enhancing their team Communication, Control and Coordination (the 4 C's) across their global Cannabis and Hemp-related value chains.

 Cannabis Connect is classified as a Professionals’ Networked Community (PNC) platform. But you can think of it as a social media website for commercial businesses which includes advertising, sponsor marketing, knowledge management and even a unique gamification (gaming) system to keep everyone involved, engaged and having fun!


Primary Purposes:

1. To Aggregate and Codify "open" standards and best practices for our Members so that they can build significant shareholder Value Chain Management practices across their C+H industry sectors.

2.  To Guide and Measure enterprise and work excellence and Curate our digital content.

2. To Promulgate our members' success, as "case studies". We want to demonstrate how they built out their shareholder value while, in parallel, building out their corporate and professional brands.



By organizing groups of Partners, Suppliers, Customers, Educators, Regulators and many other community groups for building B2B and B2C brand visibility and reach.

We will help you build your own private group (Level II and above Members) so that you can manage your team's social media capabilities such as secure communications and...

  • Manage your Topics of Discussion (i.e. often called threaded discussions, or forums)
  • Create a gallery of images for your team
  • BLOG
  • Calendar
  • Upload / download your team's digital assets
  • Customize your private or open group.
  • Invite Partners
  • Play our Ducats & Alms Game which allows you to win prizes or sponsor prizes for advertising or sponsorship purposes.

Types of Communities that you can create:

  1. Executive Think Tanks
  2. Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
  3. Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) meet-ups
  4. Communities-of-Interest
  5. Communities-of-Practice
  6. Vertical Industry Sub-groups
  7. Collaborative Affiliations
  8. Education and Training Break-out rooms

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, we'd be glad to address them.

Please contact us at CHvaluechains(at)gmail(dot)com or call us at 1(508)769-6162.

We are located in the Eastern Time Zone of the United States.


Phil Wilson
Managing Director

The Association of Cannabis + Hemp Value Chain Organizations


CH Value Chains Overview for 2021.pdf

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