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M & A Due Diligence Audit


M&A Knowledge Management Repository

Our Mergers and Acquisition (M&A) Knowledge Management (KM) Repository is a Tier 2 forum. Our M&A Audit Work Program features over 70 common M&A challenges. It is ideal for initiating your M&A deal planning process. Our solution allows a team to work in secure secrecy and conduct documented threaded discussions which lay out the team's requirements, risks, risk mitigation strategies and any other aspects which create a solid due diligence foundation for the merger or the acquisition.

"Mergers and Acquisitions" (M&A's) are some of the most powerful and versatile growth tools employed by companies of all sizes and in all industries. A well-timed and well-managed purchase, or merger, can boost both the short-term as well as the long-term outlook for many organizations", says a well known and highly respected Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) consultancy firm; Protiviti. 

If you would like to get help from Protiviti, please reach out to Member Support and they will alert Protiviti for their follow-up, with you.

If you'd like to help us to identify additional Internal Audit Requirements, please contact us. We can add new work requests onto our next discussion thread and get working on it, with you.

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