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Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) Group - NEW!!

This announcement is no longer active


Our NEW Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) Community... 

We have launched a NEW "GRC" Group for the express purpose of the exchange of significantly important management and Internal Audit documents ("docs"), which our members build, share and use. The group works collaboratively to compile the best-of-breed documents that the group is most interested in.

Annual Fee: $100

NOTE: If you have a document that you'd like to share with other Members, then we will waive the annual fee!

We invite you to participate with your Tier 2 Subscription community associates in building these high-priority assets:

1.) C+H Gap Assessment (GA) - A GAP Assessment, or GA assesses a wide majority of implementation goals, objectives, policies, technologies, "management system" and other mission-critical requirements. This document is in the draft stage of development!

2.) C+H Control Self-Assessment (CSA) - Similar to the above, the Control Self-Assessment, or CSA, is an internal audit document which focuses on "internal controls" that the company needs to put in place to in order to succeed in passing their internal, external and 3rd party audits.

3.) C+H Strategic Value Assessment (SVA) - The Strategic Value Assessment, or SVA takes the C+H objective and converts it into dollars and cents. These document and provide a foundation for a large project such as a merger, acquisition, Quality Management System (QMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implementation, etc.

4.) C+H Readiness Assessment - The Readiness Assessment, or RA, is focused on the mission-critical success factors which must be in place to meet regulatory and other requirements for a C+H business enterprise.

5.) C+H Policies and Procedures and Other Business Rules - The Policy and the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) work as an internal control duo to describe the business rules at both a high-level and mid-level business rule abstraction. We can also automate lower level business rules using an automated business rule engine and the 7 types of business rule notations.

6.) C+H Functional Enterprise Maps and Process Models - We currently have the Enterprise Map for Pharmaceutical enterprises. We will show you how to leverage this important digital asset.

7.) C+H Functional and Process Modeling Methods, Tools and Training (Including process simulation capabilities) We have the IDEF0 functional modeling and the Rummler Brache role-based process mapping approach to building a "Swimmer Lane Diagram", in place today along with education and training.

8.) C+H Internal Audit Work Program - Internal Auditors use the Audit Work Program which is a curated set of requirements to assess for a particular area of the enterprise.

We currently have a Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) Guidance Document in place, today. This guidance doc consists of 70 enterprise subjects which an Internal Audit organization can use to challenge corporate management with, during the M&A Planning Phase. By dealing with these 70 challenges, a Merger & Acquisitions (M&A) team can prep management for the real thing by simulating potential issues and reacting to them as a team!

Our M&A guidance doc provides an important planning approach which can be handled in a highly secure manner on Cannabis Connect. That's what our Professionals' Networked Community (PNC) platform, C-Connect, is ideal for.

Let us know if your M&A team wants to conduct private, internal-only, company discussions. We can quickly set you up with a private or ultra-private group in under 10 minutes!

Our bottom-line M&A motto is...

Be prepared... BEFORE the acquisition takes place, NOT afterwards!

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