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VCM "Open Standards"

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Value Chain Management (VCM) Open Standards which we support...

Our American, Canadian and International Associations currently support these Value Chain Management "open standards":

1.) ISO 9001; International Standard for Quality Management / Quality of Products and Services

2.) ISO 22301; International Standard for Business Continuity / Continuity of Operations

3.) ISO 27001; International Standard for Security of Communications and Data

4.) ISO 45001; International Standard for Health & Safety

5.) ISO 29148; International Standard for Systems Life-cycle Processes

6.) ISO 16085; International Standard for Risk Management

7.) ISO 15504; International Standard for Maturity Modeling

8.) International Standard for Business Rule Management and Modeling 

9.) International Standard for Business Process Management and Modeling

10.) International Standard for Requirements Engineering

The Cannabis Connect Altcoin Proposal

Next, we foresee the need to add our open standard requirements for blockchain technologies and alternative cryptocurrencies. Although these new components are in their infancy, we'd like to encourage your support of the need to address DeFi (decentralized financial) technologies which C+H member firms can rally around and, ultimately, support. Our organizational deliverable would be the Cannabis Connect Altcoin. This currency could be used across our value chains no matter whether they cross international borders, or not.

If you'd like to help us to move this cryptocurrency forward, please let us know at chvaluechains (at)gmail (dot) com.

The Cannabis Connect Altcoin is our newly proposed program for our member firms to explore, understand, define and drive. The implications for our C+H industry segments is huge. Our three organisations are championing this value chain management vision which is founded on this emerging open standard:

11.) International Standard for Cannabis and Hemp (C+H) DeFi-enabled General Ledger and Blockchain Infrastructure (Emerging)

We fervently believe that the above approved, and emerging, open standards have a significant impact on Cannabis and Hemp (C+H) companies. They help us to...

 - Streamline operations based on proven best practices

- Optimize business operations by reducing process cycle-times

- Maintain a high level of regulatory compliance, corporate security and governance

- Enable firms to optimize their Cost-To-Serve capabilities

- Build extraordinary shareholder value via our holistic value chain management open standards

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